Mum and Royal Artillery Attestation Papers (1883 – 1942)

Today I miss Mum even more than usual.

Yesterday, FindmyPast announced that they had released as part of their 100 record sets in 100 days the Royal Artillery Attestation Papers (1883 – 1942).

I already have my Grandfather’s military record which I ordered from Veteran Affairs back in 2008. The day it arrived I was away and Mum was as excited as I was to see what the record said.

This morning I went to the search facility and inserted my Grandfather’s name along with his year of birth (1908) and his service number which I knew from his military pay book. I hit search. Then, up popped a reference.


Courtesy of FindMyPast (

I was surprised as usually anything in more recent times is withheld, but sure enough it was a document relating to my Grandfather. And something not seen before.


Courtesy of FindMyPast (

I so wish Mum was here to see the document, with the few details as it reveals.



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2 Responses to Mum and Royal Artillery Attestation Papers (1883 – 1942)

  1. Steve says:

    I know what you mean about missing your Mum – I’m finding out so much about her Atcherley ancestors and so wish I could share all the new information with her. I found 2 Atcherleys myself in the Royal Artillery records, both descended from Mum’s great grandfather Henry Atcherley. One passed away over 25 years ago so I’m mulling over whether I should get a death cert and then cough up £30 for his service record!


    • I was lucky enough to inherit my Grandfather’s medals and his pay book. When I decided that I wanted to get the service record I sent the documents in the paper trail – death certificate from both my Grandparents and the next of kin form which Mum signed and then I wrote the cheque. I copied the front page of his pay book with the service number. I had a letter advising me that the search time was 6 months. The service record arrived after 6 weeks. So it does depend how much documentation you send that confirms the paper trail.

      Congratulations on your finds too, it is lovely to discover something and I would probably send off for the records.


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