The Idea

Mum cared deeply for her family and her numerous interests. She was also frustrated and interested in the effects that having Polio as a child had left her with. When Mum was first taken ill I shared the details with my friends via Facebook. Having done so I was overwhelmed at the responses. The support, virtual hugs and wishes that were sent to us. Truly overwhelmed.

I shared that with Mum who was equally surprised and didn’t really find the Facebook “thing” interesting, or at least interesting enough to have her own account. When Mum passed away I was equally stunned at the pouring of love, support and virtual hugs sent our way.

Just after Mum had been gone a month I started to focus on something that could be a lasting legacy. I looked back and reflected on Mum’s life the legacy that she had left and that is how the idea of the In Memory of…….Quilt came to be.

So what is the idea?

The idea is to make a quilt. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, I don’t particularly subscribe to the easy theory so let’s make it a worldwide event, enable participation across the globe.

The quilt will be made of squares. The square can be embroidered or can have a picture placed on it using the appropriate fixative.  Whatever is placed onto the fabric square will be in memory of a loved one. A loved one that you want to remember.

The squares can be sent to me and they will be gathered and made into a quilt.  The quilt will be auctioned or sold and the proceeds raised given to charities.

Please read the details of how to take part

5 Responses to The Idea

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  2. Kaitlin says:

    Fantastic idea! You’re doing such a wonderful thing with this quilt, and I wish you luck with it!

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  3. BookerTalk says:

    What a super idea Julia. Hope you get a great response. I’ll share this with some friends in USA who I know are into quilting

    Liked by 1 person

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