Quilt Scribbles ~ Benches, Plaques and Happy Memories

The last month or so has been very busy and exciting with family here from down under! During the course of their visit, I thought many times that I wished Mum was here. To share the laughter, enjoyment and to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.

I know that I have not mentioned before, but after the ceremony I had Mum’s ashes returned to me. As we have a house move on the cards, I wanted to ensure we were settled before parting deciding how to commemorate Mum’s life in a typical & visual fashion. I didn’t want Mum’s headstone to become something that no one visited. For me it was important that her life was commemorated somewhere, but as I considered and explored various options nothing felt right.

Castle 1

Guildford Castle ~ J Goucher July 2014

Then last week, we stopped at Guildford, on route to London. We spent some time wandering around the usual places and then a visit to the Castle.

I spent many afternoons with my Grandmother at the Castle. First stop was to the buttery outside the grounds where we would purchased an ice cream. We then moved into the Castle grounds and sat watching the lawn bowls.

Castle 2

Overlooking the Bowling Green ~ J Goucher July 2014

We had “our bench”, a pretty grim and non de-script bench. In fact it wasn’t really a bench. It was several slats of wood set between the garden walls.

I was disappointed to see as I walked around alone that “our bench” had gone and was replaced with a garden bench, which looked much nicer, bit yet, not the same.

I have such happy memories and somehow, for reasons completely unknown to me I felt that a plaque on a bench here to commemorate my Grandparents and Mum was the way to go.

Currently the town where I live is a few hundred miles away from Guildford, and going forward it will be many more miles than that, but a plaque and commemoration here feels absolutely the right thing. Of that I am sure.


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Quilt Scribbles – Blue Moon Success!

Those of you who have been following this memorial project from the beginning will possibly remember that I said Mum had a Blue Moon rose. You can read that earlier post HERE.

Stuart and I have been watching rather keenly the last of Mum’s rose trees to bloom. The Blue Moon rose strangely has a pink tinge to the bud before turning into a lilac blue flower.

Yesterday with theBlue Moon warm summer sun finally encouraging the bloom to do its stuff we now have the lovely shade of lilac blue adding to the abundance of colour in the garden.

I so wish Mum was here to see it.



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In Memory of Quilt – Square One

Last Friday this photo 1 (7)package arrived from Lesley with the first square. I was immediately taken with the softness of the material, the lovely blue colour.

Then I opened the small bow to see the embellishment on the inside.

photo 2 (1)





This lovely square is submitted in memory of her Mum, Vivienne who died too young. The material is a beautiful blue velvet. The square measures approximately 6 inches by 5 inches. I was intrigued by the beads. What was their story?

Then yesterday I received the write up from Lesley who has cross posted today. Here is what is said


‘This is the story of my square.
When I turned 16, I had reached a rite of passage for girls in the family. The right to go down to Chinatown and choose an ornate, carved wooden kist. This kist would be with me for ever, my own precious memory box. It was Granny’s tradition. Each of her three daughters had received a kist on their 16th birthday, and in turn each of her three female grand children received the precious gift.
Also on my 16th birthday, my mother gave me a down comforter, covered in moth-eaten pink satin. It had belonged to my paternal grandmother. Mom and I went to the fabric shop to choose new material to re-cover it. I chose a midnight blue velvet, and I still love the feel of it. Mom did a fine job, even covering the buttons. The blue velvet remains as vibrant as ever. 
Mom was very thrifty, and gave me the left over fabric. ‘Put it in the kist’, she said. ‘You never know when you might need it’. I can still hear her voice.
So I did put it into the kist, and last week, Julie’s project sparked a memory. I unpacked the kist, and there it was. Perfect as the day it went in. Blue velvet for my quilt square.

Mom loved beads. She was a colourful woman, and always co-ordinated her beads with her clothes. On the day of her funeral, Mom’s sister took most of the beads, leaving me with just a few of my favourites. They sit in Mom’s little bead box, unworn, but admired most days. How fitting then, to use some of Mom’s beads to decorate her square.’

Such a beautiful tribute to another Mum who was taken too soon, whose words of wisdom, along with the love of beautiful and colourful things is shared with us all here.

In Memory of Vivienne (1944 – 2011)

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Quilt Scribbles – Keeping Track of the Squares

As I said in my last post, the first square arrived on Friday and today I received the details to accompany the square.photo (8) I will share those details a little later this week, but first a little about how I am going to keep track of it all.

This is incredibly important because each square represents someone’s life, someone’s beloved and comes with a lovely story. A summary of their life or a memory of that special person.

The squares as they arrive are allocated a number. I then add various details into a spreadsheet. Here is a list of what is recorded

  1. Square Number
  2. Name of person who submitted the square
  3. Their email address
  4. Their country of residence
  5. Other items – card, story, picture etc
  6. Date I received the square
  7. Who is being commemorated.
  8. Blog – this is the date that it appeared on the blog
  9. Notes – this section is really for me. Anything else I want to record
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